Monday, November 30, 2009

Indian Creek

Last Day of Cragging at the Creek

North Six Shooter at Sunset

Matt on Generic Crack (5.10-)

Me getting the onsight on Quarter of a Man (5.11++)

Me Redpointing Scarface (5.11)

Will onsighting Annanaki (5.12-)

Kathy and Will at Reservior Wall

The Incredible Handcrack (5.10)

Kathy on Slice and Dice (5.12)

Dan onsight attempt on Layaway Plan (5.11+)


Swedin Ringle (5.12-)

Desperate Clip to the Anchors on Swedin Ringle

Made it back home to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with the fam after spending the last few weeks in Indian Creek, Utah. Indian Creek has to be the best crack climbing area in the world, and having only climbed there once before, this is now definitely my favorite cragging area. We had a great group of climbers to hang out with in the creek as many of the people I met in Yosemite were there as well. Lots of fun, climbing long splitter cracks on great sandstone rock, with good friends and excellent camping, what more could a climber want. After climbing the "Lightning Bolt Cracks" on the North Six Shooter Tower on my last day, my body was completely destroyed, I had climbed 5 days in a row and my body needed some rest. So I am back in Texas for the month of December, then I will fly out to Chile on January 9th for some Patagonian adventure. Then back to the Creek in the Spring!

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