Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zion- Touchstone Wall

Mark and I drove into Zion from Vegas and made it there in the afternoon. We decided we had time to fix one pitch then go set up camp. The next day was quite cold so it took us a while to get going, started jugging the first pitch around 7:30AM. Mark led the aid crux pitch # 2, after following on the jumars I was felling a little tired, probably from being cold hanging at the belay. After leading pitch 3 I started to feel much better. Mark led the long 4th pitch then I took over and free climbing the reaming 5 pitches to the top. I found the climbing very enjoyable although a little loose or sandy in spots. Climbing in Zion is always an adventure and we topped out a little after 5:00PM and the long decent brought us to the ground around 7:15. I would deffinitly go back and do this one again as it is just plain fun!
The approach a Short 5 minutes from the road
We found this at the base, who wants to claim it.
Mark cleaning pitch 1
Mark leading Pitch 2
Mark cleaning pitch 3

Pitch 5
Pitch 6
Pitch 7
Back at Camp

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