Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fear Loathing and Bad Weather in Zion & Vegas

Rainbow and Red Rocks
Kathy and I made the trip from Moab to Zion National Park to discover that it was raining and snowing and the forecast did not look good for the next few days. The decided to continue westward to Vegas where we would be meet up with Heather and Kathy T. Kathy and I got in a half day of sport climbing at the gallery, it was quite the scene with all the sportos, Kathy was my rope gun for the day. The campground was full of spring breakers so the 4 of piled into one of the smallest motel rooms if have ever stayed. It was quite the scene with all the climbing gear and limited floor space.  The four of us headed to Black Velvet Canyon on the first day, Kathy and I began on Triasic Sands and then followed behind Heather and Kathy T. on Dream of Wild Turkeys for a couple of pitches, cold weather forced us to retreat back to the car. The next day the girls did some aid practice, I took a rest day. The following day Kathy and I were going to do Eagle Dance a long route on Eagle wall, however we were thwarted by more rain. Kathy needed to be back in seattle by Monday so we decided to drive back to Zion that day to pick up her dog and so she could get started on the drive. I sat in the tent in the rain til Mark arrived the next day. We deceided to go back to Vegas for a few days then come back and do a big wall in Zion once the weather improved.

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