Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Towers of Frey

After an all night bus ride from Santiago to Onsorno and an all day bus ride from there to Bareloche and a 3 hour + hike with 70 # packs we made it to the climbing area of Frey. the rock here is really good featured granite. It's steepness and discontinuous crack systems have taken me a while to get used to. We have climbed several towers so far with the highlight being the Slovenian Tower. The weather has been decent with only 1 day of rain, but there has been lots of wind, at night it feels like the tent is going to blow away. Today we are back in the town of Bareloche to get more supplies and plan to spend 7 more days at Frey to try and knock off the most classic routes of the area. I will try to add pics later of the amazing summits.

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