Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lurking Fear

El Cap and Yosemite Valley

After enduring a few days of rain in the Valley, Will and I decided to jump on El Cap. We climbed Lurking Fear on the left side of El Cap and turned out to be a great climb. We  spent 2 and a half days on the route with 2 bivys. We ended up hiking down in the dark , it is a long ways to the East Ledges decent route from Lurking Fear. We picked up a couple parties who had topped out on the East Buttress and were lost in the dark, so I guided them down the decent. By the way, to those Brits, I am still waiting on those beers you promised for keeping you from spending a cold night out on top of El Cap. The next day we were both quite sore from hiking down with heavy packs.
Will hanging out on the Captain
Bivy #2

Life is Good

Heading Down
Summit View at Sunset

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