Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

Towards the end of March when I was in Red Rocks, Karsten was taking a week off and our friend Andrew a teacher in Vegas was on Spring Break, so I got talked into joining them for some spring break action. It was not to hard, even vagabond climbers need a break. One of the goals for the week was to complete as many sports as possible. We went rock climbing and simul climbed Rainbow Buttress as a party of 3 in under 45 minutes, Karsten and I also climbed "Risky Business". We went to Cardiff by the Sea to surf for a few days, I found out surfing is a lot harder than it looks and ended up with a bloody nose. I decided kicking it on the beach and playing botchy ball was more my speed. After leaving the San Diego area, we went skiing at Mt. Baldy for the day, and then back to Vegas for more partying. These guys wore me out with all the partying and I was ready to head out to Indian Creek for some climbing and hanging in the desert.
Andrew and I on the "Cool Dudes" approach to Eagle Wall

3 Rock Ninjas on the Summit of Eagle Wall

Karsten psyched about the pummeling he is about to receive

Andrew and I taking a siesta on Mt. Baldy, Life is Good

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