Wednesday, July 8, 2009

El Cap Dreams

Yesterday, Alex and I began our accent of the "The Shield"wall on El Cap. It was a tough day hiking heavy loads of gear, water and food to the base, and even tougher was hauling the loads up the slabs to heart ledges. This was some of the worse hauling one could imagine, our haul bags were extremely heavy, it was a slab, and the anchors were set that the rope run over an edge causing much rope drag. Since both of us weigh 150lbs or less we struggled to haul the bag, and it kicked our butts. Today we are taking a rest day, to get ready for the the blast off on Thursday. Tomorrow we will need to haul the remaining 2 pitches to Mammoth Terraces, and the goal will be to climb 4 pitches up to the Gray Ledges were we will bivy for the night. No pictures today as the camera is 800' up on El Cap, and there will be no updates for about a week as I will be up on the wall. Look for a big update when I get down!

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